Taking A Leap of Faith Towards My Passion

I’m beyond excited that after so many years of self doubt and being scared that I’m diving in head first and writing! I’ve been writing since grade school, 4th grade to be exact. It was an escape for me and therapeutic even at such a young age. I have a very active imagination that is constantly thinking of story ideas and scenarios that play out vividly in my mind. It has been long over due that I put my love and passion for writing to use in some capacity.

The idea of writing a book appealed to me first. I’ve tried a few times, and then encountered writers block among other road blocks. Then I decided that maybe I should start with a short story. From there I discovered blogging. I blogged about sports first because my husband and I are huge sports fans. Finally I made the decision to stop putting chemicals in my hair (relaxers) and go back to my natural roots and decided to blog about my journey. I started that blog in April of 2013 and it is the only blog that I am actively writing in at the moment. I don’t have a lot of followers and I don’t get a lot of “likes” through WordPress but that was never a concern of mine. The purpose of the blog was to document a new chapter and journey in my life with the hopes that it would inspire and help others, and so far it has.

Recently I reached out to a favorite blog of mine on FaceBook called Grown Folks Music and answered their call to write a contributing piece. I wrote it, submitted it and they loved it and asked me to become a contributing writer in whatever capacity I wanted. This is a dream come true! I love music of all kinds and I love to write. To combine the two is HEAVEN for me! To see my work published for the world to see and to read all the positive feedback I received from it gave me that last little boost of confidence I needed to take that leap of faith and pursue my dream of writing.

I’m not getting paid by this blog as it’s a grassroots blog that is steady growing, and I’m ok with that. I want exposure for my writing and I feel this is a wonderful start. In the meantime I plan to gain more experience and sharpen my skills so I can become a better writer. For so long I allowed self doubt keep me from pursuing the things I’m passionate about: Baking cookies and writing. If nothing else I’m good at baking cookies and writing, at least that’s what people tell me! I just want to say that it’s never too late. Pursue your passion. Take that leap of faith and follow your dreams! Click below to read my article. Don’t forget to comment and “like” if you like what you see, I promise to respond back! Thanks!



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