My Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media

In 2008 I joined Facebook and that’s when my love/hate relationship with social media began. The things people post on social media, Facebook in particular, never cease to amaze me. Porn – pictures and foul language,  TMI photos of themselves or someone else, airing out personal and family drama, bad grammar and the overall butchering of the English language, and using text lingo to post messages. I could talk for DAYS about any and all of those subjects, but I won’t. Instead I’ll talk about the various types of people I’ve found on social media that have shortened my patience and get on my last nerve:

The Self Righteous Person

This person always feels the need to point out everyone’s faults while quoting scriptures or sage sayings that they never apply or live by themselves. They’re quick to say how people should and should not live their lives or will preface their soap box rant by saying “I know I’m a sinner and I’ve done my dirt BUT…….” They are more concerned with, and ultimately consumed with, the imperfections of others and will call these people out in their posts. Most of the time their “shaming posts” are done passive aggressively in a long rant. Those who truly know the self righteous person such as family members and close friends, know that this person has a lot of nerve trying to counsel, criticize or give advice when they have the same, if not worse, shortcomings. The self righteous person also feel it’s their duty to say things that don’t need to be said, to “keep it real” and constantly point out the elephant in the room. They like to butt into things that have nothing to do with them, offering their unsolicited advice and are quick to form judgments and opinions without knowing the full story. Most self righteous people also crave attention, which leads me to……..

The Needy Person

The needy person is pretty self explanatory. They need and crave constant attention, and when they don’t get it they lash out. These people are typically very lonely and unhappy with little to no social life. They get upset and take it out on everybody – family, friends, etc. –  for not giving them the attention they want. The needy person will create drama where there is none, or make the smallest thing into a big ordeal. No amount of attention they receive is ever enough for them.

The Know it All

There is absolutely nothing they aren’t an expert on. Religion, politics, pop culture, sports, history. They live to share their “knowledge” while making sure that others feel dumb compared to them. They will butt into a conversation and spout their so-called knowledge and argue you down if you disagree with them, thinking their intellectual prowess will over power you until you see things their way. If you stand up to them they quickly resort to condescension and name calling.

The Debbie Downer

Again, self explanatory. This person is never happy. EVER. Every post they make is highly depressing. They will never post about the good things that happen to them. It’s always doom and gloom. They never try to see the light at the end of the tunnel or the rainbow after the rain. When you share good news or try to be upbeat and positive they are usually the ones to bring you down off your high by stating how just in the last hour, 1 million Ethiopian children starved to death.

Why people use social media to cyber fight/bully each other and air out dirty laundry is beyond me. Social media gives people a lot of false bravado. It’s sad, really. I’ve watched family drama from my own family unfold before my very eyes on Facebook. It’s so embarrassing. What do you gain from doing this? Attention? The satisfaction of putting this person on blast? It’s so childish. I try my best to be upbeat and positive on Facebook at all times. I want to uplift those who read my posts or give them a laugh, not bring them down and depress them. I’ve toyed with deleting my Facebook account because I got tired of the drama and negativity. The whole purpose of me joining was to connect with my family members that live out of state. I’ll be honest – it’s been my family members that make me want to get off of Facebook at times. And yes I do make use of the hide, block and delete options.

With all of that being said, Facebook has been a great tool to connect with old friends and long lost family members. I’ve met new people, swapped great recipes, gotten great advice from other moms, etc. I quickly realized that I need to do a semi monthly cleaning of my friends list to weed out the undesirables. And to be honest, others have deleted me as their Facebook friend too, so it goes both ways! Maybe I’m too positive and upbeat for them, who knows! 😉

Twitter isn’t my thing. Too much time and energy is required for Twitter – and I have neither to devote to keeping up with tweets and followers and hash tags. Twitter beefs – really? Ahhhhh social media. We lived without it for centuries, and we were just fine too. Something to think about.