Recycled Dysfunction

Recycled dysfunction is real. I know because for most of my life I lived in it until I got married and started a family of my own. Recycled dysfunction to me are issues that occur over and over within the family by the same members who refuse to take the necessary steps in order for the cycle of dysfunction to stop. These family members always try to drag in as many people into their dysfunction as possible, disrupting the peace of all involved.

One thing I’ve wholeheartedly embraced is not letting other people’s problems become my own. When I got married my focus was 100% on my marriage. When I had children my focus became split between my children and husband and maintaining a happy, peaceful home for all of us. Whatever outside issues there were be it family feuds or something else didn’t affect me because I refused to allow it to. I’ve been called mean, anti-family, and the black sheep for being this way. If you were raised in total and complete dysfunction like I was you’d understand why I created such distance.

I grew up in a house where every day, there was the possibility of verbal fights, verbal and physical abuse, and overall uneasiness. We never knew what would transpire from one day to the next, and that’s not a good feeling. That’s why when I started my own family, peace, love, and happiness had to be the mainstays in our house. My kids had to be shown love through me and my husbands actions and words. I refused to let them exist in a world of chaos like I did.

Being around positive, encouraging people inspires me and makes me feel good. I love being happy and keeping my family happy. Recycled dysfunction runs very deep in my family and it’s not healthy for anyone. When you have your breaking point, when you finally say “enough” and mean it, then it truly is enough. At least it was for me. It’s not that I’ve stopped loving anyone, I’ve simply eliminated recycled dysfunction from my life.


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