Talents and Options

Over the years I’ve developed a talent for baking cookies. That evolved into making homemade granola. I also love to write, thus I blog. I’ve been selling my baked goods for about ten plus years now, but not very consistently. I have a Facebook page for my cookies, I have a menu and price list, and I’ve had business cards made. My dream is to have my own little cookie shop. I’m also open to selling my cookies online. I know it’s a lot of work and there’s a lot to running your own business, but circumstances and time is what keeps me from pursuing my dream.

I’ve heard of countless stories of those who made their fortune cooking and selling their goods from their kitchen for years before they branched out to opening a shop or restaurant. I can definitely do that as well, but my dream is still to have my own store front or an online business where I can bake and ship my baked goods all over. I’m 43 years old and am still trying to figure out the best way to utilize my talents and figure out my options. I know I can’t be the only one in this position!

Right now, what I’m thinking about is how volatile the workforce is right now. Nothing is guaranteed, and that includes jobs. The cost of healthcare is steady rising, jobs are downsizing, and entry level jobs now require associate or bachelor degrees. The uncertainty has me more aware than ever for the need of a plan B, C, and D. We all need back-up plans. With my talent for baking cookies, making homemade granola and blogging, it’s time for me to look for ways to put them to use and make money from it.

It’s time for me to put myself and my products out there and be fearless. I can no longer be timid, scared and afraid. I need to network more, do my own research and figure out a way to make an income if something were to happen to my current 9-5 job. Use your talents people. Don’t be afraid to talk about them, showcase them, and use them. Being afraid will not put money in your pockets. If you have a good product, if you have a talent, SHARE IT with the world!